Bill Gates just joined Jeff Bezos in ultra-exclusive $100 billion club


There are now officially two people in just one of the world’s most exclusive clubs: Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, both of whom have net worths higher than the $100 billion threshold.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, which tracks the fortune of the world’s richest people, Microsoft Corp. co-founder Gates has once again accrued a fortune worth exactly $100 billion. Bezos, the founder of Amazon and richest person on earth, is worth $146 billion.

The world’s third-richest person and French business magnate Bernard Arnault falls lacking the centibillionaire mark, with a fortune worth about $86. 2 billion.

It’s likely that Gates — who was when the richest person in the world through the dot-com bubble — won’t last long above the $100 billion mark. He’s donated significantly more than $30 million to the Expense & Melinda Gates Footing and has prior to this said that your husband intends to own majority of well recognized wealth to be able to charity.


Bezos might also go to decline in the personal large choice, a result of currently the divorce via his partner MacKenzie afterward 25 years about marriage. Finally, the couple in order to have a prenuptial agreement, relating to TMZ, and that also recounted divorce legal papers will be recorded in New york, a community attribute state.

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