10 business techs for entrepreneurs at CES 2019


The name of the large technology display in Vegas this week will be CES (the CONSUMER Electronics Show), so simply by definition the particular technologies becoming demonstrated by thousands of suppliers and examined by the one hundred and eighty, 000 individuals expected to go to will be customer focused. Yet that doesn’t imply that some of these systems won’t influence my company – plus yours : in the near future.

Listed below are ten this kind of technologies that will I’m going to take a look at, because one may help myself run our business much better and more of course profitably in the arriving years.

2019 will be the 12 months of 5G and Verizon – and also competitors such as AT&T — which will be presenting their abilities in advance of their particular coming rollouts to many regions. Yes, it will probably be more expensive, however the higher cost need to result in quicker applications, much less latency, much better videos plus an facilities that will much better support more recent techs decreasing the road (such virtual plus augmented truth, Internet associated with Things-based detectors and gadgets and voice-enabled applications). All that will mean a lot more productivity inside my business.

In the day it had been pretty much potato chips made by Intel that went laptops plus PCs. Nowadays the scenery has changed as well as the leader within chip-making for brand spanking new devices such as phones plus tablets is usually, in my opinion, Qualcomm.

A lot of it has been achieved by their Snapdragon chip range. Now the organization is invading Intel’s grass by presenting a new type of chips created specifically for Personal computers and laptop computers called the Snapdragon 8cx Figure out Platform that will, according to Raymond Wong from Mashable, can be “significant since Qualcomm’s developed it from the beginning just for Personal computers — particularly, thin-and-light laptop computers and 2-in-1s that are intended to be always-on plus always-connected. inch

Like 5G, anything that assists my customers – the majority of whom still rely on notebooks and Personal computers – function faster plus gain a lot more productivity is really a win designed for my company.


She or he is baaaack! Right after Google mainly withdrew from the Google Cup efforts a couple of years ago, businesses like Vuzix have walked in to fill up the space. At $999, these eyeglasses still have restricted capability. However the future appears bright along with expected Alexa integration plus capabilities for almost any business along with workers on the highway or within remote places (or carrying out dangerous items that requires 2 hands) to deliver back gears real time with regard to assistance, information and insight by other people.

In his evaluation, CNET’s Scott Stein confesses that the eyeglasses make your pet look like “a cyberpunk father, or maybe a skill gallery owner” but also forecasts that the eyeglasses could be utilized to assist hard of listening to and will be a part of a future “in which aiding smart eyeglasses could be as effortless to use as within a device that will pairs just like a smartwatch. inch

Some technology firms are usually building items to help companies offer their particular factory employees — plus any employees doing weighty lifting or even operating large tools — greater power and flexibility.

LG’s CLOi SuitBot any of those items. According to an organization press release, the particular suit facilitates the user’s waist plus augments their very own muscle capacity to reduce the danger of damage and exhaustion when carrying out physically demanding jobs — for example lifting plus lowering weighty loads. I actually say place a remove on it plus make your own employees imagine they’re Robert Downey Junior., or no matter what super-hero personality that will consider their thoughts off the uninteresting stuff they are doing for you personally.

Welcome to the field of Internet associated with Things. The particular radar-based technologies company Ainstein will be showing a bunch of improved applications upon its already-popular IoT-based system that flaunt how detectors can be placed about your workplaces (or industrial buildings) which will communicate with Alexa and feeling movements plus temperatures along with corresponding activities. The company factors to the spectacular financial savings which can be realized by utilizing their detectors to reduce power costs, enhance safety, improve security plus better control shared areas and conference rooms.

This hasn’t been verified that Samsung will be showing these brand new devices yet rest assured: they may coming at some point soon. Now i am more thrilled, not from the foldable cell phones of today, yet what the abilities of these products will be within the years to come. Being a business tourist, I’d like to get rid of the laptop plus fold away the phone I am just carrying within my pocket to some big enough dimension to work upon at my location. With enhanced battery life plus increased storage space, I anticipate that the collapsible phones for the future will problem the very lifestyle of capsules, laptops plus PCs.

Really an threatening sign for that employee crack room. Segway’s new Loomo Office Shipping Robot can transport changeable containers along with packages, postal mail, coffee plus food about entire structures. There’s also a “dynamic obstacle avoidance” system as well as the robot can navigate ski slopes of up to almost eight degrees. Need cup associated with tea? Simply order a single and Loomo will bring this to you.

Workers may skip catching on Game associated with Thrones in the water much cooler. But companies like me will like how this particular little gadget can reduce possible downtime.

Our business is certainly service focused, so simply no employees associated with mine had been hurt throughout the writing of the article. But many businesses – huge and little – execute services upon farms, design sites or even other non-office environments. Ford, like many more at DE TELLES, will be revealing its most recent autonomous automobile which utilizes GPS technologies and detectors, but with the twist: they are asking for your own help. The business, according to this particular report upon Trucks. possuindo, is looking for “new partners in order to collaborate along with on brand new tasks for that vehicle and also to further create its technologies and detectors for much better off-road autonomy. ” Probably your business may negotiate a tremendous amount for a tool that can enhance services plus safety.

Designed for my eating place and store clients combating finding and paying people competitively here is a suggestion: replace them with robots. Yeah, it’s a touchy subject. But obviously the great people at Miso Robotics don’t care. They only want to provide products and services – like their hamburger-flipping robot called Flippy – to interested business owners who’re looking to conserve money without sacrificing services. Unfortuitously, you won’t find a way see Flippy in action at CES, but David Zito, the CEO and co-founder of the business, is joining a panel of other programs who are promoting the use of robotics to work in restaurants for a discussion later in the week adroitly called “Robots Cook Up Faster Food. ”

A small business is all about its assets, be it vehicles, equipment or inventory. Today’s IoT technologies are quickly enabling many companies to more efficiently track these assets, their condition and usage. Want a good example? Then browse the live demonstrations that will be going on at WISER System’s booth because they show off their new real-time 3D asset tracking capabilities and a mobile interface that the business says “will provide instantaneous asset visibility and movement history on a facility map or interior floor plan. ”

It’s all proof that the Consumer Electronics Show isn’t all about consumers, right?

Gene Marks CPA is a small company expert and analyst and the author of five top selling books on business management including “The Manufacturer’s Book of Lists, ” “In God We Trust, Everyone Pays Cash” and “Outfoxing The Small Business proprietor. ” Gene is President of The Marks Group PC, a ten person technology and management consulting firm that serves a lot more than six hundred organizations around the country. Gene was formerly a senior manager at the international accounting firm of KPMG. It is possible to follow him on Twitter @genemarks.

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